We carry a large inventory of screws, nuts, washers, socket products, just to name a few. If you have some specific needs then give us a call and we’ll take care of you.

Hex Cap Screws

Hex Cap Screw Grade 8 Yellow Zinc

Hex Cap Screw Grade 5 Zinc Plated

Hex Cap Screw Metric

Hex Cap Screw Stainless Steel

12 Point Counterbore Screws

Cap screws


2H Heavy Hex Nuts

Finished Hex Nuts Grade 5

Finished Hex Nuts Grade 8

Wing Nuts

Metric Nuts

Hex Slotted Nuts

Finished Hex Jam Nuts

Coupling Nuts


Serrated Flanged Nuts

Self Tapping & Self Drilling

Hex Washer Head Self Drilling

Hex  Washer Head Self Tapping

Flat Phillips Self Drilling

Mod Truss Self Drilling

Mod Truss Self Tapping

Pan Phillips Self Drilling

Self Drilling Drywall Screws

Hex Lag Screws

Drywall Screws

Socket Products

Socket Head Cap Screws

Socket Pipe Plugs

Socket Shoulder Bolt

Socket Set Screws

Metric Socket Screws

Flat Socket Cap Screws

Socket Button Head Cap Screws

Locking Nuts

Nylon Insert Lock Nuts

All Metal Lock Nuts

Kept Lock Nuts

Nylon Insert Lock Jam Nuts

locking nuts


F436 Hardened Flat Washers

Alloy Split Lock Washers

USS Flat Washers

SAE Flat Washers

Internal & External Lock Washer

Fender Washer

Hi Collar Lock Washers

Double Thick Flat Washers

Drills & Taps

Hex Dies                 Taps Domestic

Reamers                  Masonry Bits

Bit Holders             Extended Bits

Taps-Metric            Paddle Bits

Hole Saw                Jobber Drill Bits

Annular Cutters    Double Ended Bits

Stubby Drill Bits


B7 Threaded Rod


Stainless All Thread

Metric All Thread

Brass All Thread

Low Carbon ATR


Anchoring Product

Hammer Drive Anchors

Drop In Anchor

Expansion Anchors

L Anchor

Sleeve Anchors

Wedge Anchor

Lag Shields


Bridge Pins

Rapid Tap Cutting Fluid

Cotter Pins

Aluminum Cutting Fluid

Gloves               Hose Clamps

U-Bolts               Anchor Bolts

Hack Saw           Grease Fittings

Eye Bolts            Quick Link

Pop Rivets          Clevis  Pins

Dowel Pins         Roll Pins

Micro Mist          Paint Pens

B12 Chemtool     Teflon Tape